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We are a husband and wife team that started a league in 2012 that turned into something so much more! It all started when we decided we wanted to create a way for our friends to get together on a weekly basis to have some fun and get some exercise, so we started making phone calls and sending out messages. Within a few weeks the foundation of what is now Finger Lakes Athletic Club (FLAC) was given life. We started with 48 players that first year and it truly was a sandlot situation, but we all realized in that first season that something special had been created.

We officially established Finger Lakes Athletic Club, also known as FLAC, in 2014!

Here at FLAC our goal from day one was to provide a fun atmosphere for members to be active, share some laughs, meet new people,  and to just enjoy life.  We truly believe that life is too short and that great memories are worth far more than any possession.  We carry this idea over into our leagues by doing our best to maintain a comfortable environment for everyone to be themselves and enjoy their time with us, and our member numbers show that we are staying true to our goal.  Our participant numbers have grown significantly each year, and that is something we are extremely proud of!


We can't take all the credit though, FLAC's success truly belongs to all of our members.  So to our new friends that we have made through FLAC and our old friends, we truly thank you!  We will continue to listen to what our members want and do our best to keep evolving FLAC to make it better for everyone!


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