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Monday Night Elks




PLEASE NOTE: Our primary mode of communication with players is via email and Facebook

2024 Season June 3 to August 26






Monday Nights
Elks Lodge
2221 River Road, Seneca Falls
No cover fee

Full bar/drinks available for purchase from the Elks bar.  Bringing your own alcoholic beverages is NOT allowed, please keep this in mind and respect the properties rules.

$300.00 per team (includes up to 6 players)
$50.00 each additional full time player
$15.00 for subs (one time fee)

Each team captain will be responsible for registering their team, filling out the registration form, collecting registration fees, and having each player sign a waiver form.  Waivers are being signed electronically, please visit the waiver tab to access the waivers to sign.  The registration form will also be submitted electronically.  To access it click on the button below, fill out the appropriate information and submit.  No player will be allowed to play until they sign a waiver form.  The waiver form can be accessed on the registration page, just click the button to open and sign electronically or print.  

Registration fee will be $300.00 per team.  Each full time registered player will receive a FLAC league t-shirt. Any teams over 6 players, each additional full time player will be $50.00. Any subs will be $15.00.

If you are registering subs in addition to your 6 full time players, they are required to pay a registration fee of $15.00 and will need to sign a waiver form electronically.  Sub's will not receive a t-shirt.  Subs who would like to purchase a team t-shirt can for an additional cost of $15.00.


Your teams registration will not be complete until money and waiver forms are submitted.


Registration fee to be paid via Venmo (flathleticclub).  All payments need to be in full for the team, no individual player payments. 



12 team max
6-8 players per team
First come first serve

Team spots will be on a first come first serve basis.  Teams consist of 6-8 players, everyone must be 18 years or older with a valid ID.  Teams with more than 6 full time players may rotate in and out during the game on a rotation.  There is a maximum of 3 males per team on the court at once.  If games are played with more than 3 males, the team will forfeit those games.  There must be a minimum of 2 females playing in the game at all times.  Each team can have up to 2 additional substitute players, a sub may only play for one team per night and regular players may not sub on another team.  Team subs may not rotate in and out if there are already 6-8 full time players present.  Registration information regarding subs is below.  Teams must have a minimum of 3 original players in order for the games to qualify.  Games cannot be played with all subs.  During playoffs, teams must have a minimum of 4 original/full time players.  Each team will have a designated captain.



Too busy to commit as a full time player, but still would like to play? Sign up to be a registered sub!  A sub is required to pay a registration fee of $15.00 and sign a waiver form electronically.  The waiver form can be accessed on the registration page, just click the button to open and sign it or print.  Sub's will not receive a league t-shirt.  If subs would like to purchase a team t-shirt it will cost $15.00.  To register, click the button below, fill out the appropriate information and submit.


2 courts / up to 3 time slots (depending on # of teams)
6:00pm-7:10pm (start by 6:15pm)
7:15pm-8:25pm (start by 7:30pm)
8:30pm-9:40pm (start by 8:45pm)

Games will have 15 minutes from their scheduled time to start play.  If all players are not in attendance by 15 minutes after the start time you can choose to play as is with the players you have (if you have enough players to qualify as mentioned above) or forfeit the game.  If a team, after the first forfeit at the 15 minute mark, does not have enough players to qualify by 30 minutes after the scheduled time they will then forfeit all 3 games for that night.  If a team does not show or does not play due to not having players in attendance they will forfeit and receive a loss.  If teams have to forfeit and you want to schedule make up games on your own time so that you don't have to take the loss that is fine.  However, any makeup games scheduled cannot interfere with regular scheduled games and the opposing team captain has to agree to it.

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