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  • Must be 18 years or older with valid ID

  • All players must have a waiver form signed in order to play

  • All players must pay registration fee

  • Team members should show up 15 minutes prior to game start time

  • While waiting on team players to show up, if game has not started by 15 minutes after game start time the team who is waiting on players will lose 1st game or start play with the players they have. After 30 minutes, all 3 sets will be forfeited

  • If a team does not have all 6 players by the game start time they can play with the players they have, if team players show up late they need to wait until the start of a new game to join in

  • A team can register up to 2 additional subs

  • Subs can only play for one team per night, no subbing for multiple teams in one night

  • Team subs may not rotate in and out if there are already 5-7 full time players present

  • If your team is down a player and a sub is available you have to take the sub

  • Team captain have final ruling on calls, if call cannot be agreed upon the ball will be replayed

  • There must be a minimum of 2 females on the court, maximum of 3 males.  A player must remain playing unless due to an injury.  (Ex; John subs for a team but doesnt really want to play so he serves and then stays off the court.  This is a violation of the rule.  John must remain on the court to count as a valid player.)

  • Captains are not allowed to over-rule league rules.  For example; if there are not enough players or minimum of 2 females to play they must take the loss.

  • Captains are responsible to have all players sign a waiver form.  If there are players on the court that do not have a waiver form signed, games will be forfeited for the week and the following week. 

General Rules
  • The game is just like table top foosball but with real people.
  • Players will face the opposite team’s goal
  • Players need to get in position and hold onto the PVC pole with both hands all the time.
  • Players will be tied to the foosball pole by their hands. They cannot step outside of the marked area.
  • The game starts by rolling the ball into play from the mid-court starting area.
  • Play continues until a penalty occurs, the ball is out of reach or out of bounds, or a goal is missed, or is scored. Follow restart procedures to continue playing.
  • Players must move together from side to side. However, no player (except the goalie) is permitted to move forward or backward on the court in a marked movement zone.
  • Players and Goalies can’t use their hands. If they let go of the foosball pole and touch the ball with their arms or hands, it will be a penalty and that player will receive a yellow card.
    • 1st offense receives a yellow card warning
    • 2nd offense yellow card results in 1 point deduction
    • 3rd offense receives red card ejection
  • Soccer ball must remain below the foosball pole at all times.
  • When a penalty occurs, the ball should be placed at the feet of one of the forwards of the non-offending team.
  • No kicking or attempting to kick an opponent.
  • No tripping or attempting to trip an opponent
  • Players on the ground are considered “radioactive” – they are not to be touched and should not be active in the play until they are on their feet.
  • Verbal, physical abuse to another player will not be tolerated.
  • Dewey's Third Ward Tavern and/or Finger Lakes Athletic Club reserves the right to remove players from the league for repeated offenses or if they believe it is in the best interest of the league.
Starting the Game
  • The game is started by rolling the ball from the starting area
  • The time will start at this point
Restart Procedures
  • When a goal is scored, the game is restarted by rolling the ball from the starting area
  • When the ball rolls out of bounds, the ball should be returned to the place it left the court and rolled toward the non-offending team
  • If the ball cannot be reached in the playing area, the ball should be rolled from the starting area.
  • If a goal shot is missed, the game is restarted by rolling the ball from the starting area
Finishing the Game
  • The game is over when the time expired.
  • The game officials will tally will provide the final score and the point.
  • The time will be 10 minutes
  • No Maximum number of points
  • Each goal scored in opponents goal is +1 pt
  • Each goal scored in teams own goal is -1 pt
  • Mercy Rule Applies - If a team has a 10pt lead at any point in the game, the game will be concluded.

  • Regular season rules still apply during playoffs

  • Must have 4 registered full time players in order to be eligible to play in playoffs

  • Additionally, if your team has subs, they must be already registered subs, no new players

  • A sub/full time player may only play for one team throughout the entire playoffs, this means if you sub/play for a team you can only play for that team.  If the team you are playing on gets knocked out of playoffs you may not sub or play for another team still in playoffs.

  • If a team or player quits the league they have to re-register as a sub in order to play in playoffs

  • If a team needs players they cannot take full time players from another team to play with them in playoffs, they can only utilize previously registered subs that have not previously played in a playoff game

  • If a player is a fulls time registered player for a team they cannot play with a different team during playoffs

  • Rankings for playoffs: Rankings are based on a teams wins for the season.  In the event that 2 or more teams are tied for a ranking the following rules will be used to determine the rankings among those teams (in this order):

    • Head-2-head win/losses- the winner from the most recent match up will take the lead

    • If the 2 teams have not played each other in the season their individual wins will be compared to the top ranking teams.  The team with more wins against the top ranking team will take higher seed.  If each tied team has not played or has equally won/loss against the top ranking team, they will be compared to 2nd place team, then 3rd place team and so on.

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