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Monday & Tuesday Night




Too busy to commit as a full time player, but still would like to play? Sign up to be a registered sub!  A sub is required to pay the registration fee and sign a waiver form electronically.  The registration form and waiver will be submitted electronically below.  Money can be dropped off in a sealed envelope to Dewey's Third Ward Tavern at 39 Bridge Street in Seneca Falls or we do accept Venmo payments. 


Sub Registration Fee: $15.00 (one time fee)


If you are registering to be a sub and would like a FLAC league

t-shirt it will be an additional $15.00 charge (for 2X and 3X add $3.00).  You can select the color of your choosing as well.

***For Tuesday night co-ed volleyball, the Party House charges  $10.75 per person per week at the door, which volleyball players are required to pay.  The fee includes 1 drink chip, buffet dinner and live music.

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